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The firm of Bartram & Mead was founded in 1908 by Floyd B. Bartram and Benjamin H. Mead. They opened in an office in downtown Stamford on Main Street, just around the corner from the firm’s current location. Benjamin’s brother, Stanley P. Mead, joined the firm in 1913, and became a partner of the firm a few years later, along with Joseph L. Melvin. Benjamin and Stanley Mead were sons of Benjamin P. Mead, a prominent New Canaan businessman who served as Connecticut State Comptroller, member of the Connecticut House of Representatives and a Connecticut State Senator.

The firm moved to its current location in 1915, to accommodate the growing partnership. Around that time, Floyd Bartram left the firm to become Judge of Probate in Stamford, and the firm changed its name to Mead, Mead & Melvin. During the 1920’s and 1930’s, there were as many as six partners of the firm, placing it among the largest firms in Stamford, and perhaps Connecticut, at the time.

In later years, Stanley Mead represented New Canaan in the state legislature and helped pass an act creating Connecticut’s Juvenile Courts. He was eventually appointed as the Juvenile Court Judge for the district covering Fairfield and Litchfield Counties, and he left the firm to take on his new judicial responsibilities. At that time, Benjamin Mead was in declining health and the firm was held together by his law partner, William J. Murray, Jr. (“Bill”).

In 1948, Stanley’s son, Penfield C. Mead (“Pen”), joined the firm to work alongside his uncle, Benjamin Mead, and Bill Murray, and the firm became known as Mead, Mead and Murray. Pen had been drafted into the Army in 1941, before his senior year of college. During World War II, he served with the 439th AAA Battalion in North Africa, Italy, Southern France and the Rhineland. After the war, Pen finished college, completed law school and joined the firm. He also was in the Connecticut National Guard, serving with Field Artillery Battalion and reaching the rank of Major before his retirement. In addition to having a successful law practice at the firm and military career, Pen also served as the Judge of Probate in New Canaan for 13 years.

Pen Mead was the sole partner of the firm after the death of his uncle, Benjamin, in 1971. Shortly thereafter, Pen welcomed a new law partner, J. Robert Bromley (“Bob”), and the firm became known as Mead and Bromley. Bob continued the firm’s tradition of community leadership and engagement, serving as Corporation Counsel of Stamford for several years and heading the Stamford Historical Society.

Stephen L. Bishop, a grandson of Benjamin H. Mead, joined the firm in 1978. At that time, the firm took on its current name, Mead, Bromley & Bishop. In 1987, shortly after the retirement of Pen Mead, the firm welcomed two new partners who had been practicing in Stamford for several years and were well-known to the firm: Donald B. Powers, Jr. and Steven E. Ayres.

Aside from the gradual retirement of Bob Bromley during the 2000’s, there were no additions or departures of lawyers at the firm for almost three decades, from 1987 through 2014. In 2014, Robert M. Godzeno joined the firm as a partner, after having worked as a paralegal at the firm for several years before graduating law school.

Our partners and staff look forward to continuing the impressive history and legacy of the firm and serving our clients for years to come.